Safety and Environment

Safety and Environment

EnerMech is committed to creating a safe work environment. Our Health and Safety policies are demonstrated throughout the business structure and we are committed to the highest levels of training and awareness.

We strive for continual improvement and work to identify and control hazards, protecting our people from exposure to health and safety risks and to support their health and wellbeing.

Ultimately it is our management that is accountable for health and safety on site. However our employees all play a major role and are fully aware of their responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues.

With all employees having this focus we are confident of maintaining a safe and incident free workplace.

SHEQ Assurance System

EnerMech operates an integrated quality, health and safety and environmental (SHEQ) assurance system, based upon a cycle of continuous improvement.

The operation of the QMS is set out in IMS manuals which include the company's quality policy and a number of detailed standard operating procedures. The QMS also defines the process of engaging our supply chain partners and the control and monitoring measures to be established. Such measures ensure our QMS requirements extend to our partners within the supply chain.

The QMS adopts a process approach providing, for internal continuous improvement of the system. Our process approach allows for continuous improvement and recognises the value customers bring to our organisational systems through understanding fully their requirements (the inputs) and monitoring their satisfaction (the outputs).