When performing end-to-end tests of line protection schemes, it is necessary to start several test sets simultaneously. The CMGPS is a GPS-based synchronization unit which is used with CMC test equipment.


The CMGPS receives signals from the satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and provides an output at a time specified by the user. This clock output is then used as a trigger input to start the CMC test set. The CMGPS has been developed to fulfill the requirements of testing in the field, because off-the-shelf GPS receivers with trigger output have many drawbacks (size, weight, complicated operation, etc.).

Further Information

CMGPS is typically ready for operation just 5 minutes after startup. The synchronizing pulse can be configured according to the requirements of the application. The software is integrated in the testing modules (like the State Sequencer). It allows for the setting of:

  • first output pulse
  • pulse rate and polarity

Two independent timing pulses are available via separate connectors

  • Pulse out 1: 16-pin plug which is connected to the CMC test set (external interface)
  • Pulse out 2: two 4mm banana plugs

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