9 Facts about the QCLNG Project

Given our recent blog entry about the successful energisation of key 132kV Switchyards in the QCLNG upstream project, we thought we’d share some interesting facts about this massive QCLNG Project, LNG as a power source and the economic impact this project alone will have for Australia and Queensland.

On the QCLNG Project…

The Curtis Island LNG Project is the first in the world to convert CSG to LNG on a large scale.

While media around coal seam natural gas has been more prominent in recent times, about 80% of Queensland’s natural gas comes from this source, and it has been produced in the state for nearly 15 years.

The QCLNG project and its related businesses employ about 14,500 people and much of the operational expenditure moving forward (about 80%) will be spent in Australia with about A$ 1 Billion raised in taxes, charges and royalties.

The QCLNG Project will increase Queensland’s gross state product by up to A$ 32 Billion in the first decade up to 2021.

By February 2014 more than 90% of the area affected by the LNG pipeline had already been re-seeded with appropriate seeds, using a specialist helicopter which spread seed for around 50km per flight.

The massive 540km QCLNG pipeline contains roughly 189,000 metric tonnes of large diameter steel pipe, nearly five times the weight of the Sydney Harbour bridge or 350 fully loaded A380 Airbuses.

On LNG as a power source…

Natural Gas emits about 22% less carbon dioxide than oil and about 40% less than coal for the same amount of energy produced.

Over a life-cycle basis, studies done by the CSIRO and Worley Parsons indicate that when Australian LNG is used in place of coal to produce electricity in customer countries, up to 9 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are saved for every 1 tonne produced.

It is estimated by GeoScience Australia that there is enough (CSG) resources in Queensland to power the whole state for the next 500 years.

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LNG Tanks with lights on at sunset