Conor McGrory - A True Inspiration

A bright light on EnerMech’s FMG Solomon site, Conor McGrory brought a contagious enthusiasm to all he did in his job as a High Voltage Operator. In his down time recently, he was struck by tragic adversity that changed the course of his life. In a truly freak accident at home in WA, Conor came off his motorbike and was left a paraplegic, paralysed from the chest down. Many in this situation would give up on their goals but Conor is determined as ever, nothing will get him down.

Conor is a true inspiration for all who meet him. He always has been. Like so many in our country, his parents immigrated from the North side of Dublin 26 years ago and settled in Western Australia. His mother, Mel, describes him as “100% Irish, Made in Australia”. She recalls that he was always a bit wild, “he ate a 20c coin when he was a child” and with typical Irish laconicism “he’s so stubborn and a pain in the arse”. However, Conor’s stubbornness also turns out to be one of his biggest assets; he doesn’t give up, no matter what.

His younger brother Aidan is about to embark on an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic but Conor wryly remarked that “he’s a disgrace to the family learning to be a diesel mechanic…”, which is no doubt down to Conor’s avid interest in motor racing, (diesel engines being seen as sluggish from a racing perspective).

John Cox, Project Delivery Manager and Paul Buckley, Managing Director of EnerMech recently went to meet with Conor and his family to see how they are coping with the massive challenges that have been thrust upon them. They were absolutely blown away by Conor’s drive and positivity, a true story of grit and determination in the most difficult possible circumstance. His family is a huge support and behind him 100% in achieving his new found goals, of which there are many.

After the meeting, Paul Buckley said “I have never met someone with such drive in my life”. John Cox agreed with Paul’s sentiments and added “that guy deserves a medal for his level of positivity”.

Speaking with Conor, he is resilient as ever, goal orientated and maintains his wicked sense of humour. While many of his goals are ambitious by any standard, his strong resolve has him already ticking them off one-by-one.

Conor is a role model to all who know him, both personally and at EnerMech. He takes his inspiration from those who have faced similar adversity with great success. On the morning of his meeting with John and Paul, Conor was lucky enough to attend a presentation from Kurt Fearnley, a truly superb Australian athlete.

Kurt is a three-time Paralympic Gold Medallist, having competed at four Paralympic Games, two IPC World Championships and one IAAF World Championship. He has a swag of medals in a range of track events including the Marathon, 5000m, 1500m, 800m and 4 x 100m. Kurt’s achievements are not just confined to the track. In 2009 he crawled the Kokoda Trail and in 2012 was a crew member on the winning Sydney to Hobart Yacht, Investec Loyal.

Conor is hoping to emulate the acheivements of Kurt and everyone at EnerMech wishes him the best. We have no doubt he will achieve all his goals and many more. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Conor!

John Cox and Paul Buckley Conor McGrory meeting