Contract Win with East Coast Developments

EnerMech EPS is proud to announce their subsidiary HAZARDOUS AREA WIRING CONSULTING PTY LTD has been contracted by EDE to perform EEHA Audit Inspections of the Coal Seam Gas well heads in the Surat Basin.

The coal seam gas well heads are the first stage of the LNG process. Once extracted via a network of wells, gas is processed, compressed and transported across a pipeline before being transformed into energy to power homes and businesses. If earmarked for export, the gas will be turned into liquefied natural gas (LNG) and shipped overseas. The diagram shows the process, beginning at the well heads in the Surat Basin and ending in Curtis Island QLD. The work will be carried out on two types of well heads the C-D and G-H packages.

The C-D package has 3 instruments mounted on it plus a separate skid for the 2 Valves and 2 flow meters whilst at the wellhead itself, a flow transmitter and speed sensor are mounted. The G-H which has 8 instruments and 2 valves mounted onto the Separator package, at the well head 2 transmitters plus 1 speed sensor are mounted. A comprehensive Hazardous Inspection will be carried out on numerous well heads in the region.

The scope of the project involves the building all relevant documentation required to meet Australian Standards

Worker supervising pipeline