Contract Win with Melbourne Water

EnerMech are proud to announce the winning of a new contract with Melbourne Water. "We will be working with an exciting technology" remarks EnerMech employee Joel Stanhope.

Ozone wastewater treatment is the method being utilized at the Eastern Treatment Plant (ETP). EnerMech will begin the commissioning and rectification works of the ozone treatment over the coming weeks. The plant is a state of the art facility using the most modern methods for its sewage treatment. This method will turn black water into crystal blue with 1 dose of ozone. Once the new dielectric tubes arrive, EnerMech will begin the work. See a 3D map of the plant below.

How the technology works

An ozone generator is used to break down pollutants in the water source. Because this kind of treatment cannot remove salts, it is clearly differentiated from desalination plants.

  • The generators convert oxygen into ozone by using one of two processes, through ultraviolet radiation or by an electric discharge field. The third oxygen molecule is created by pumping a 4.5kV current into the generator, which acts like a giant capacitor.
  • Ozone is a very reactive gas that can oxidise bacteria, organic material, moulds and other pollutants found in water.
  • Using ozone to treat wastewater has many benefits:
    • Kills bacteria effectively.
    • Oxidises substances such as iron and sulphur so that they can be filtered out of the solution.
    • There are no nasty odours or residues produced from the treatment.

The technology used here is the same technology used at the Melbourne zoo and Royal Aquatic Centre.

If you would like to see how it would affect your drinking water, watch this video:

Water Treatment plant