EnerMech​ EPS Expands Darwin Presence

The EnerMech EPS Darwin office is further expanding to reinforce our position as a leading provider of specialised LNG project services in the Northern Territory and north Western Australia. Located at Cavenagh Street, Darwin, the office facilitates rapid mobilisation of teams to local and remote projects, increasing the organisations agility and positioning for long term growth in the region.

Ichthys LNG Project

The Darwin office will serve as the principal mobilisation point for the Ichthys LNG Project, where EnerMech EPS teams will ramp up operations in the coming weeks. The construction phase of this massive project alone will see a contribution of more than $13 billion to the Australian economy, with $8.2 billion of this amount directed at the Northern Territory. The 361-hectare project site at Bladin Point, employs 8,000 onsite workers during the construction phase of one of the world’s largest LNG processing facilities. This onshore facility represents just one facet of the massive project, with an offshore central processing facility off the Western Australian coast and an 890 kilometre uniting pipeline between the two also under construction. This trio of state-of-the-art facilities is thought to be the only mega project in the world to combine the complete chain of LNG production components.

From the beginning of production, expected by end of September 2017, the project will also see 8.9 million tonnes of LNG and 1.6 million tonnes of LPG produced per annum, all of which will significantly impact the landscape of international trade. In addition, the project will contribute 40 years of multi-generational employment opportunities in the long term.

EnerMech EPS will provide highly skilled teams of mechanical and electrical specialists to this globally renowned project. Our significant contributions to world-class domestic projects and investment in our regional footprint to increase agility and efficiency, reflects EnerMech EPS's strong commitment to the sector and our clients.

EPS Darwin Office interior