EnerMech EPS Newsletter July 2015

We’re excited to share the first newsletter for EnerMech EPS. As EnerMech EPS grows and prospers, the management team is eager to share the group’s achievements and successes with our most valuable asset, our employees.

The newsletter aims to highlight the first class work being done by our specialised teams, outline our future areas of growth and expanding scope of services, as well as reflect on the issues that are important to our organisation and the broader EnerMech EPS family.

Our first edition covers some of the project achievements which have cemented EnerMech EPS as a leader in complex high voltage testing, commissioning, hazardous area inspections and completions. There are also a number of exciting developments covered within, such as the launch of EnerMech EPS Mechanical and our AEO Accreditation, which will pave the group’s way to future success in new growth areas and industries.

Internally, we reiterate our commitment to safety, our travel team has implemented some exceptional employee benefits via Hertz and Qantas, we welcome new staff to our Head Office and EnerMech EPS has contributed to a worthy education sheme in earthquake affected regions of Nepal.

We hope you enjoy our first edition EnerMech EPS Newsletter, which will be followed up quarterly to ensure everyone at EnerMech EPS can stay up-to-date with our work, successes, growth and vision.

To download the brochure, please click on the link below.