From One Landmark Project to Another

Following on from our success providing EEHA Inspections and rectifications on the Curtis Island LNG network, an EnerMech EPS team commenced work in January on the massive Gorgon LNG Project working with one of our blue chip clients.

The Gorgon LNG Project is the culmination of an estimated $54 Billion investment by Chevron on the Barrow Island plant. Creating 10,000 jobs during peak construction, it is considered to be the third largest LNG project in the world and the largest single source resource development in Australian history. At peak production the project has an estimated output of 1.27 Billion cubic metres of natural gas and 20,000 barrels of condensate per day.

The massive scale of the Gorgon Project is evident in the video below from Bloomberg. We were particularly impressed with the gigantic LNG storage tanks which have a diameter of 94 metres and height of 47 metres.

In recent years, EnerMech EPS has established itself as a leading specialist in complex multi-disciplinary field construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance on some of Australia’s most significant LNG projects. EnerMech EPS’s scope on the Gorgon project includes works on all 5 Gas Turbine Generators (GTG’s), including Carry over Works, EEHA Detailed Inspections and Loop Checking .

Pre-Assembled Rack (PAR) modules for Gorgon