Major Energisation

Crucial Steps in Massive QCLNG Pipeline Project Completed

We’re thrilled and proud to have been involved in the successful energisation on one of the key 132kV Switchyards for the High Voltage network of the QCLNG Project, representing another major milestone in EnerMech’s journey to being a leader in High Voltage Testing, Commissioning and Operations in the Oil, Gas and Resources industries.

Our commissioning team has performed the following works which include but are not limited to:

High Voltage Protection Schemes, including Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems

High Voltage Transformer testing

Testing of High Voltage Circuit Breakers, (GIS, ACB, VCB and SF6)

Current Transformer and Voltage Transformer testing

High Voltage Switchboard testing

High Voltage MCC Switchboard testing

High Voltage Ring Main Units testing

Harmonic Filter Unit & Power Factor Correction Unit testing

Assisting vendor in Variable Speed Drive testing

Automated and manual secondary injection, with GPS time synchronizing capability

Primary Current Injection testing

HV Cable Testing (Paper/Lead, XLPE)

HV/LV Circuit Breaker testing

Current Transformer testing

Power Transformer testing

Thermo-graphic imaging

QCLNG is underpinned by LNG sales agreements for almost 10 million tonnes a year with major energy companies in China, Japan, Chile and Singapore. So far the project has made significant direct and indirect contributions to the QLD regional and federal economy and will continue to do so as Australia pushes towards becoming the No.1 exporter of LNG in the world.

EnerMech was integral to this project, carrying out high voltage commissioning works for the full lifecycle of a number of sites in the region. Our team on one such site (pictured below) involved over 40 highly skilled and experienced staff including E&I Superintendents, Supervisors, Project Managers, Commissioning Engineers, Testing Technicians, Electricians, Completions and Quality Assurance Engineers. The efforts of the team have received commendations from our client for their significant role in completing the project on schedule and without incident.

Management of BG Group commented “EnerMech deserve a lot of credit for putting in a solid effort over the past weeks and months to get us to this stage” adding, “From a QGC HV Operations point of view EnerMech have continually delivered top grade work and we are glad/relieved we have had them on the project”

John Cox, E&I Manager of EnerMech is delighted with the effort of his teams that have carried out these works with no Safety incidents, confirming the EPS Australia Motto- Start Safe, Stay Safe, home safe.

John remarked “Well done to all of our dedicated teams and congratulations to our client for their role in a massive project that will ensure Australia is competitive on a global scale for LNG exports”

EPS team working on QCLNG at Jordan