Project Milestone Braemar 2 Pipeline Energisation

EnerMech has reached a major milestone with the successful energisation of the Breamar 2 Pipeline High Voltage Commissioning Project, incident free and in line with client expectations.

The Braemar 2 Pipeline is an approximately 100km long, 16in pipeline that feeds the Braemar 2 Power Station, a 450 MW open-cycle natural gas turbine plant in South East Queensland and the state’s second largest gas-fired power station.

EnerMech deployed HV Testing Technicians and Commissioning Engineers to perform a range of testing activities across EHV switchyards, 6.6kV/33kV switch-rooms, pumping stations, central processing plants, transformer bays, hazardous areas, and gas compression facilities. Primary and Secondary plant testing prior to energisation included comprehensive transformer, circuit breaker protection, VT, CT, Ring Main Unit and Protection Testing.

This project marks one of the final energistion milestones by EnerMech on the QCLNG Pipeline. Over the past two years EnerMech has successfully deployed over 100 expert staff on multiple complex electrical engineering projects throughout the QCLNG network, further cementing our reputation as a leader in our field. These projects included the high voltage testing, commissioning and energisation of a number of key substations , Hazardous Area Inspections and EEHA Audit Services.

John Cox, EnerMech Director and Project Delivery Manager, thanked all staff involved over the busy two year period for their commitment to excellence, safety and client outcomes.