Mobilising a Team to Excellence

EnerMech EPS is built on a philosophy of excellence through teamwork. Our expert teams are highly qualified and experienced, and the ability to quickly mobilise them to Power, Oil & Gas, Resources and Infrastructure projects across the country is a key driver in delivering outstanding client outcomes. Comprehensive and precise personnel mobilisation and human resources management are crucial to all project works and provide EnerMech EPS with a competitive advantage in our position as a leading services provider. 

In fulfilling the scale, scope and exact specifications of every project to the highest standard, our experienced Mobilisation and Human Resources staff work hard to ensure that the right positions are filled by the right people at the right stages of projects. 
The high stakes involved in servicing large-scale construction projects requires agile and responsive deployment of precisely assigned teams. As an organisation that views it’s staff as integral to success, EnerMech EPS holds a strong appreciation for the critical role of progressive people management. The benefits transpire at an operational level where adherence to project timelines, budgets and safety standards are all directly affected by the management of our human resources. 

We spoke to Mobilisation and Human Resources Coordinators Andrea Castel and Donna Tobin, who are based between our Head Office in Sydney and the EnerMech EPS Darwin Office, about the rewarding work behind managing our especially skilled personnel. 

So, Andy, what does a typical day of Mobilisations and Human Resources management entail?
“No two days are the same with Mobilisations/HR. The fundamentals of each task are the same. However, it varies so much because we deal with people and situations which are forever changing and extremely demanding (not the people but the urgency/amount of the tasks).”

And Donna, what is your no.1 priority on a daily basis? 
“The capacity to complete works to the highest standard for clients is the highest priority. It’s essential we are always sure to meet the client’s demands.”

Andy, what is the importance of your role on finishing a project on time?
“Systematically fulfilling the client’s expectations by thoroughly carrying out all mobilisation processes is essential to keeping a project on track with timelines.”

Donna, what are some of the most used tools in your role?
“I love making use of professional software programs such as Adobe Editor. Access to such technologies takes our processes to a higher level, enabling a highly organised approach to the work.”

Andy, what are the skills and attributes that are most important for your job?
“Organisation is absolutely essential in personnel mobilisation and human resources management. Particularly where large scale projects are involved, there are many moving parts and unique considerations to be mindful of. Without high and organised attention to detail, vital specifics can be overlooked at the expense of project outcomes.”

Donna, what sorts of changes are occurring in your occupation within the industry?
“I’m excited to see that the candidate pool is steadily increasing.”
Andy, what do you think people would find surprising about your job? 
“I think many people would be surprised to know that despite being high stakes and occasionally high pressure, it is pretty fun, exciting and rewarding to do what I do.”

And finally Andy, is there a project you’re particularly proud of? What was it and why? 
“I am most proud of my work on mobilisation and human resources coordination for the Ichthys Project as I received recognition for the most amount recruited, most requisitions and highest scores in independent testing of candidates. I feel like our role in the project played a part in the fantastic outcomes EPS achieved for our client.”

The strength of our team is certainly demonstrated in the quality of our works as EnerMech EPS continues to affirm its standing as a leading oil and gas project services provider. Thanks to Andy for her insights into this vital aspect of Power, Oil & Gas, Resources and Infrastructure projects and the work we do for our clients. EnerMech EPS are always looking for new talent so please don't hesitate to submit your CV to us if you would like to be considered for a job within the industry here APPLY NOW 

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