EnerMech​ EPS Launch Test Equipment Hire

EnerMech EPS is excited to announce the launch of our dedicated equipment hire service. Through our extensive experience providing full-lifecycle electrical, instrumentation and testing services the EnerMech EPS team has developed an intimate knowledge of the equipment requirements of our industry. Using this experience, we have acquired a full range of high specification electrical power test equipment to ensure specialist electrical engineering projects can be completed safely and efficiently.

EnerMech EPS has a full suite of test equipment that has you covered for all your Electrical and Testing Equipment needs including:

Electrical Power Testing

    • Cable Testing
    • CB Testing
    • CT Testing
    • Ductor Testing
    • Earth Testing
    • IR Testing
    • Line Testing
    • Phase Rotation Testing
    • Relay Testing
    • VT Testing
    • Thermal Testing
    • TX Testing
    • Multimeters
    • Clamp Meters
    • Multifunction Testers
    • LCR Meters

General Testing

  • Communicators (HART & Fieldbus)
  • Process Calibrators
  • Temperature Calibrators
  • Pressure Calibrators
  • Hand Pumps
  • Gauges
  • Power Supplies

To look into the full range of EnerMech EPS Test Equipment for Hire, go to - http://epsgroupaustralia.com.au/equipment-hire/ and to request a quote call 1300 EPS GROUP.

HV Testing performed with CPC100