The Importance of Instrumentation

Instrumentation Technicians are one of the core roles we employ at EPS Group Australia. They keep any industry running by their very nature and are a vital part of the work we do with in the Oil, Gas and Resources industries for our clients. So it’s no surprise that a number of the key executive team at EPS Group Australia have a background in Instrumentation.

We thought we’d speak to Michael Gaule, who is a Project Delivery Manager and Director at EPS Group about how he got into Instrumentation, what he looks for in Instrumentation Technicians and why they’re so important to EPS Group and their clients.

So Michael, how did you get into Instrumentation?

“I studied BSc (honours) Degree in Applied Physics and Instrumentation in Ireland due to my interest in Maths, Physics and Technology. After qualifying from University, I worked on an LNG project and FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading facility) project in Norway for 2 years where I gained valuable experience in the oil and gas industry before coming to Australia.

This experience proved invaluable when I acquired a position as Instrumentation Commissioning Supervisor on the Woodside Pluto LNG Project in WA where Australia was relatively new to the LNG industry.”

From your background it sounds as though you’ve worked on some very large projects. Do you feel this extensive experience, particularly in LNG, has given you and EPS an edge when it comes to delivering solutions for your clients?

“Definitely. My Instrumentation background and experience has proved instrumental when selecting potential employees with the relevant criteria. It makes my current role as a Project Delivery Manager much easier when I know what to look for when hiring an instrumentation technician/engineer. By hiring the best people we can achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients, which is what EPS Group Australia is all about.”

In your opinion, if you were just starting out, what are the key attributes you need for a career in instrumentation?

“I would say having an interest in technology, being a quick learner and a lateral thinker is a really good start. You also need to be good at maths and physics, have great documentation skills and be a self-starter.”

EPS are hiring now for Instrumentation Technicians. What will you be looking for when hiring these roles?

They need to be trade certified or have a Cert IV in Instrumentation Technician, ideally with experience in the process manufacturing industry. Due to our focus on safety, we look for all our employees to be highly safety conscious and courses such as a Certificate in Hazardous Areas are considered very favourably. Also, a Certificate in LVR (Low Voltage Rescue) and CPR is mandatory.

We’re also looking for experience across a broad range of industries, the ability to read technical drawings, P&ID’s, loop drawings, hook ups etc. and someone who is a real self-starter.

Why are Instrumentation Technicians so in demand on the projects that EPS Group works on?

A lot of the projects that EPS are involved in are in the process manufacturing industry. With this industry lots of variables need to be measured like the pressure, temperature, flow, level of liquid in a pipe or tank. All these variables are measured using instrumentation. Before any Oil and Gas project can produce Oil or Gas, all instrumentation needs to be calibrated within tolerance and commissioned by instrumentation technicians.

Does performing Instrumentation in the Oil, Gas and Resources sectors provide any unique challenges or considerations?

Most of the projects are in isolated regional areas and away from the comforts of your home. We expect and need a heightened awareness of safety due to the hazardous environment of the industry. Technology is constantly changing, so you need to keep on top of that and making sure your skills are up to date and in line with today’s standards.

EPS Group Australia is a leading provider of electrical engineering, instrumentation, high voltage testing, commissioning and operations, Permit to Work and Quality Assurance services for power projects in the Oil, Gas and Mining industries across Australia. If you feel you have the right qualifications and attitude to join our team of skilled Instrumentation Technicians, we’d like to hear from you. Apply at

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