Thiess QCLNG Upstream Hazardous Area (EEHA) Auditing

Project Overview

Thiess was engaged in 2010 by QGC to construct the upstream gas infrastructure for the land mark QCLNG Pipeline Project. This huge project included the construction of field compressor stations, HV substations, 14.5 kilometers of steel gas trunk lines as well as preparation of the sites for additional compression stations, a central processing plant (CPP) and a camp.

You can see Thiess’ project video and read more about the project here -

Scope of Work

EnerMech has a very strong involvement with the QCLNG project since 2013, having worked closely with Thiess on High Voltage Testing, Commissioning, and Completions leading to the successful energisation of a number significant upstream gas infrastructure projects. Following on from this successful relationship, EnerMech was engaged for continuing works in the provision of EEHA Audit Services at QCLNG Upstream project.

This scope of the project included management and resourcing the Hazardous Area Dossier compilation in readiness for the EEHA Audit for the Central Processing Plant (CPP) and the Field Compression Stations (FCS) across the QCLNG Upstream Project including Woleebee Creek EEA, CPP and associated FCS’s (x5), Bellevue EEA, CPP and associated FCS’s (x3), Jordan EEA, CPP and associated FCS’s (x4) and Ruby Jo CPP and associated FCS’s (x6).


EnerMech compiled a team of experts to form the QCLNG Upstream EEHA Audit Services Team which comprised two EEHA Advisor Leads, an EEHA Technical Advisor, an EEHA Dossier Prep Advisor, an EEHA Advisor, nine EEHA Inspectors and an EEHA Administrator.

The 15 strong team was distributed to each of the four sites, and tasked with managing the process of compiling the EEHA Dossier for each site. All supplied documentation was reviewed for completeness, and site inspections were conducted to ensure compliance with all respective requirements prior to the independent EEHA Audit.

Achievements to date

The EnerMech team has worked successfully and without incident across all four remote sites to ensure all regulatory and other requirements are met, cementing our position as a leader in the specialist field of Hazardous Area Inspections and Management.

Workers perform hazardous area testing