Hazardous Area Inspections

Hazardous Area Inspections

EnerMech EPS provides specialist services in the mandatory area of Hazardous Area Compliance. It is a Company that is dedicated to ensuring that any Client, regardless of size, will be confident that their Hazardous Area plant complies with the myriad of Australian and International Standards relating to Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA).

With over 30 years’ experience in the Electrical Industry on sites where flammable substances or combustible dust exist, we have the experience and dedication to ensure the safety of your plant. Our dedicated involvement can begin right from the initial design phase, carries on through the installation phase and finally moves into the final preparation of the verification Dossier and ongoing surveillance and maintenance.

We are able to work both onshore and offshore, with our personnel having the required training and certification for these industries.

In fact, we have a fully qualified team of trained personnel that can assist you in all matters of Hazardous Area environments assessment.

Hazardous Area Wiring Consulting P/L, a subsidary of the Elecrical & Pumping Services Australia group of companies, have designed specialized reporting systems to allow Live data operation on a day to day basis.

This allows our clients to have daily updates on progress of site audits, system implementation and punch list programs and the verification dossier can be made fully adaptable to fit into any clients systems.

Hazardous Area Wiring Consulting P/L are accredited for all of the relevant Australian Standards in the Hazardous Area Inspection code including, AS/NZS 4761 & AS/NZS 60079.14 and AS/NZS 60079.17.

Scope of Services

Hazardous Area Wiring Consulting P/L have developed their scope of services to become an intrinsic component of your site installation from start to finish and include:

  • Design of Hazardous Areas in accordance with Australian Standards.
  • Setting up documentation control to streamline the QA/QC and Inspection procedure.
  • Providing competent personnel to perform the Initial Inspections that are mandatory for any new installation.
  • Provision of CAD Drafting and as built drawings.
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Hazardous Area Inspections and compliance Audits
  • Specialist Hazardous equipment calibration.
  • Assessment of Overseas sourced Equipment prior to delivery.
  • Complete Conformity Assessment Documentation
  • Compilation of the Mandatory Verification Dossier prior to Plant or equipment energization
  • Training site personnel in aspects of EEHA required for ongoing surveillance.
  • Ongoing assistance and advice through Periodic inspections / audits.


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