High Voltage Testing

High Voltage Testing

Our Engineers and Technicians are experts in all aspects of high voltage testing and commissioning. EnerMech are experienced in plant, protection and control systems, encompassing both testing and commissioning of new systems as well as maintenance of existing systems.

EnerMech is committed to developing solid, long-term client relationships. Our focus is to become the only leading provider of specialist testing and electrical services within Australia.

EnerMech has been involved with a number of high complexity projects throughout Australia, spanning a wide range of project sites and electrical systems. These projects include installation and commissioning of complex protection and control schemes for high voltage electrical generation, transmission and distribution installations, investigative works for fault identification, and maintenance of existing installations to ensure compliance with relevant standards and codes.

  • High Voltage Protection Schemes

  • SCADA System Commissioning

  • High Voltage Transformers up to 500MVA

  • Circuit Breakers (LV and HV)

  • Current Transformers

  • Voltage Transformers

  • High Voltage Switchboards

  • High Voltage Ring Main Units

  • High Voltage Earthing Systems

  • HV Cables

  • DC Insulation Resistance and Polarization Index

  • Transformer Ratio tests

  • Winding Resistance tests

  • High voltage substation testing

  • Dielectric Loss Angle tests (DLA)

  • Partial Discharge tests (PD)

  • Ring Flux tests

  • Recurrent Surge Oscillograph (RSO) tests

  • Thermography (Thermal imaging)

  • Current Transformer (CT) testing

  • Oil Quality Analysis

  • Protection relay & scheme testing and upgrades

  • Liquid and dry type transformer testing

  • Very Low Frequency (VLF)

  • High Potential tests

  • Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection test

  • Air Gap (Rotor) Flux tests


High Voltage Operations