Turbines, Compressors & Rotating Equipment

Turbines, Compressors & Rotating Equipment

For over 10 years, EnerMech has been providing world-class construction services in the steelwork, mechanical equipment and piping disciplines.

We provide a comprehensive range of field construction services that include modular and conventional (‘stick-built’) construction, project management, construction inspection and management, scheduling, materials handling and inventory management, welding and quality assurance, plant start-ups and commissioning. Our resources are highly developed and are supported by access to cranes, vehicles, scaffolding, access platforms and an extensive range of welding, rigging, mechanical and piping specialist equipment and facilities.

Over time, we have refined our project management skills and developed best practices for managing the most complex of projects. We are known for our ability to successfully execute projects almost anywhere, even in the most remote and logistically challenging locations. Our extensive network of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services allows us to quickly mobilise project resources whenever and wherever they are needed. With offices across Australia, we have people who understand the legislation, culture, business and labour practices of the communities where we work.


Turbines Compressors Rotating Equiptment